El Paso Is Now The Busiest Border Crossing Point

The media has focused mainly on the South American caravans; whose journey has mainly ended up in the Mexico city of Tijuana. There is where they wait for their asylum claims to be processed.

Thousands of Central American migrants; are still crossing. They are being smuggled across the unprotected borders. The way it works is the migrants are turning themselves over to Custom and Border Patrol Agents; for asylum, then the migrants are released until their court


Last month alone 1100 families; most from Central America; where apprehended near El Paso. Then the migrants are transported to Tucson Arizona and released. The migrants are now hosted in Tucson at makeshift shelters. El Paso is now the busiest crossing point over the Southern Border, behind the Rio Grande Valley.

Border crossings are up this year 1689%, and asylum-seeking families; make up over 60% of all apprehensions. Which means 25% of all border agents are being diverted to take care of transport, hospitalization, and housing migrants to facilities. The problem is, when you take away a quarter of the enforcement, the border is not secure; which exacerbates the problem. Now Tucson is feeling the pressure in the shelters hospitals, and schools.

The Sheriff of Pima County, Arizona, Mark Napier says, “anyone who denies that there is a humanitarian crisis and a Public Safety crisis on our southern border is being intellectually dishonest. We have a tremendous influx of migrants I know we care for them.”

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