MS-13 Has Publicity Warned NYPD Orders Of Assassination On Law Enforcement In Long Island, Queens, and Brooklyn

The New York Police Department is reporting that; they have gathered direct inquiries of information; to put officers on guard; within the realm of possibility, for the onslaught, organized attempts against Police officers Lives.

The NYPD has collected data that MS-13 gang members are organizing an attack on Police officers at their homes. The agency alerted them in an internal message.

In the internal message, the 105th Precinct cautioned that intelligence has directed officers that MS-13 has “threaten” Police officers who reside in the Long Island area.

Officials made a statement:

Intel has been obtained that members of MS13 are looking to ‘hit’ NYPD police officers, specifically in the Brentwood/Central Islip area, and Patchogue.

These members are conducting reconnaissance of [member of service] private residences.”

NYPD is earnestly trying to provide officers information on how to move with caution in their sequence of actions, be aware, and to stay alert, for anything strange or out of the ordinary in their respective neighborhoods.

Former FBI Agent Manny Gomez said:

Whenever a law enforcement officer is being threatened, especially by an organization like MS-13 which we already know is uber-violent and has killed numerous people throughout the country if not throughout the world, this has to be taken seriously”

They are going above and beyond what any other gang does, and the scary part is that we already know that they legitimately carry out their threats and they are extremely violent”

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