Pelosi Blindsided By Republicans On Legislation With Moderate Democrats

Nancy Pelosi pointed out a concern and warned Democrats who vote with Republicans, “ this is not a day at the beach, and moderates need to stop voting with the GOP, and moving to tighten things on the left.”

In the house chambers; the Democrats have the majority of the seats, but in the house chambers on climate change; Democrats left a lot of empty seats. So Republicans decided to take advantage, and Shutdown the hearing.

Only two Democrats showed up; with a party’s platform that reads, climate change causes a real and urgent threat; did not get to have a hearing about that real and urgent threat.

The New Democratic threat was shaken further when Republicans insisted; that the “background check bill”, needed language about illegals buying guns. and with the Speakers dismay, Republicans convinced 26 Democrats to vote with them.

Pelosi said, “vote no just vote no. Vote yes is just giving leverage to the other side.”

Now the Democrats are going to use a tool that the Republicans used called a motion to reconsider also known as MTR. Republicans have weaponized the MTR to read vulnerable Democrats to vote on tough issues.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told fellow Democrats; by suggested, she would help liberal activists to unseat moderates in the next election.

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