ISIS Last Stand In Syria; President Trump Saying, SDF Has Retaken Territory

President Trump said, “that the SDF had retaken 100 percent of the territory once held by ISIS.”

The United States is assisting the Syrian Democratic Forces, and are expecting a “vicious armed combat” with ISIS militants who are in the group’s last sanctuary in eastern Syria, according to Mustafa Bali, the head of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) media office; RT reports through Reuters News service.

However, Bali said, “ISIS militants were still holed up in Baghouz, a village on the Iraqi border, and had not surrendered”. “We won’t storm the village and declare it liberated unless we have completely confirmed the departure of civilians.”

According to the Israel Hayom: U.S. President Donald Trump told American troops that U.S.-backed forces in Syria have retaken 100% of the territory once held by Islamic State terrorists, contradicting the commander of the U.S.-allied Syrian Democratic Forces, who said it would take another week.

In February American Sovereignty News reported:

ISIS is being confronted on their defeat in Syria. While the United States is keeping around 200 Military troops there; ISIS is crossing over the border into Iraq; where they are chipping away at the country’s tenuous protections of their border. Now we see President Trump’s strategy.

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