Robert Kraft, Dave Portnoy, and Roger Goodell.

Contributor: Anthony Robert Meyers

77-year-old Robert Kraft is denying paying for sexual acts; at a day spa in Jupiter Florida. Police are saying, they have a video of Mr. Kraft receiving sexual acts, and he has visited the spa twice.

A spokesperson for The New England Patriots said, “We categorically deny that Mr. Kraft engaged in any illegal activity. Because it is a judicial matter we will not be commenting any further.”

President Trump spoke on the matter earlier in the day saying, “ It’s very sad, I was very surprised to see it. He’s proclaimed his innocence totally, but I am very surprised to see it.”

Robert Kraft wife of 45 years Myra; died of ovarian cancer in 2011. Mr. Kraft is apparently dating a 39-year-old woman; Kraft is facing misdemeanor charges; that normally do not require jail time.

But Dave Portnoy of Barstool sports doesn’t agree with the official story, and has stated on Tucker Carlson Tonight;

he [ Kraft ], categorically denied it as we just saw. I just think it’s unfortunate the way he is making headlines, and the police are behind his name. The story is really about sex trafficking; if that’s what’s going on. Bob Kraft walking into a day spa for a massage to me is not a story, and its something I am guessing; I’m guessing 70 to 80% of males do. I have been to a massage parlor; I don’t think it’s a crime; the way they’re talking about it. They’re dragging this guys name through; like he committed a heinous act. You are the only place I ever heard where he’s clearly not affiliated with any sex trafficking, he definitely didn’t know that. He saw a spar sign, for all we know he’s an elderly gentleman, he had a back issue, he went in, he got a massage, and suddenly he’s headline news! That’s irresponsible! “

Tucker responded;

I completely agree with you why are they hassling Bob Kraft what we don’t have enough problems in this country I couldn’t agree more But also Bob Kraft has been at odds with some very powerful people in America life like the NFL commissioner.”

Portnoy answered;

Oh Tucker, you might be onto things. They can’t beat them on the field, they have six championships in a row, and this misdemeanor suddenly comes up in an eighth-month investigation? I wouldn’t put it past Roger Goodell saying, I can’t beat him fair and square; I believe they have a word for it, entrapment! So we are going to lure him into this spar, and the next thing you know again; he’s getting dragged in; by the way, you know; the police say they have names they didn’t release that are bigger than this; but what kind of Mickey Mouse organization is this; picking and choosing how you are going to release this? This is a misnomer that is legal in Las Vegas, and if there is anyone casting a stone here really has to look in a mirror any Vice whether it’s drugs, gambling, anything…there are people on the other end of it. The whole thing makes me sick. They are tarnishing his name; again on a day spa. The other side of it the sex trafficking; that’s the story. That’s a heinous act they should investigate that. But what does Bob Kraft have to do with that?

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