Why President Trump Pulled Troops From Syria And Not Iraq.

ISIS is being confronted on their defeat in Syria. While the United States is keeping around 200 Military troops there; ISIS is crossing over the border into Iraq; where they are chipping away at the country’s tenuous protections of their border. Now we see President Trump’s strategy.

Iraqi officials are saying, over 1,000 Islamic State members have come into Iraq from the desert border in the past six months. Pushed there from a monstrous force by the United States, and Kurdish Military teamed up to crush portions of jihadi in Eastern Syria.

Iraqi officials are speaking out on determining silence with no authorization to state openly on intelligence. Manifest-ion of zealots growing in Iraq.

“Reports of ISIS fighters are in four northern provinces; carrying out kidnappings, assassinations, and roadside ambushes aimed at intimidating locals and restoring the extortion rackets that financed the group’s rise to power six years ago.” Iraqi Officials said.

Brig. Gen. Yahya Rasoul, the Iraqi army spokesman said, “ISIS is trying to assert itself in Iraq, because of the pressure it is under in Syria,”

According to Iraqi Officials, “the Militants are from 5,000 and 7,000 among their ranks in Iraq, where they are hiding out in the rugged terrain of remote areas, according to one intelligence official.

In Syria, Kurdish-led forces backed by the U.S.-led coalition have militants in a pocketless cornered the s than one square kilometer in Baghouz, a Euphrates River village near the 600-kilometer (370-mile) border.”

The Military In Iraqi have positioned 20,000 troops that are securing the border, but ISIS is crisscrossing, through the conflict zone as cattle herders, and tunnels at night.

They are bringing with them currency and light weapons, according to intelligence reports, and digging up money and arms from caches they stashed away when they controlled a vast swath of northern Iraq.

“If we deployed the greatest militaries in the world, they would not be able to control this territory,” Rasoul said. “Our operations require intelligence gathering and airstrikes.”

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