President Donald J. Trump’s Border Security Victory

“I will never waver from my sacred duty to defend this Nation and its people. We will get the job done.” President Donald J Trump.

President Trump was elected unconditional on his vow to protect the United States Southern Border with a barrier and, since God knows when President Trump’s on day one in office, he has been successfully committed on that promise.

President Trump has said, “sections of the border wall are already being built, and legislation and Executive actions are building on that progress.”

Being able to perform endeavors to extract President Trump to make acceptable supplementary subsidies to bond our United States Southern Border that is crucial to national security.

President Trump safeguarded a portion of noteworthy governmental wins in the Homeland Security funding bill that further-mores President Trump’s undertaking to protect the United States Southern Border To defend our country.

The funding bill contains vigorous means and extra support to firm up the Southern Border and strengthen immigration enforcement.

According to; The bill provides $1.375 billion for approximately 55 miles of border barrier in highly dangerous and drug smuggling areas in the Rio Grande Valley, where it is desperately needed.

    • More than 40 percent of all border apprehensions occurred in the Rio Grande Valley sector in fiscal year (FY) 2018.
    • The Rio Grande Valley was the border sector with the most known deaths of illegal border crossers in FY 2018.
  • $415 million will go toward addressing the humanitarian crisis at the border by providing medical care, transportation, processing centers, and consumables.
  • President Trump successfully rejected efforts by some to undercut Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) ability to uphold our laws and detain illegal aliens, including criminals.
    • ICE funding supports nearly 5,000 additional beds to detain illegal aliens and keep criminals off our streets.
  • Customs and Border Protection will receive funding for 600 additional officers.
  • This bill will help keep deadly drugs out of our communities by increasing drug detection at ports of entry, including opioid detection staffing, labs, and equipment.

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