Charlatan Jussie Smollett Must Be Held Accountable

Chicago Police are calling for a follow-up interview with Jussie Smollett the Empire actor, as a consequence the confession of the Nigerian brothers’ so-called collaboration; one of the brothers has ties to Smollett, and has told Chicago Police that Smollett wanted the

brothers to mount an ambush.  Police challenged the brothers with confirmation of them paying for rope and red baseball caps, securing the pair to flip on Smollett, adding that he asked them to practice the assault.  

Smollett’s people are trying to paint him as the injured party, stating, “that he had no idea his attackers were known to him.  Shortly thereafter, Smollett parted ways with his lawyer and obtained a new legal team.

When this change of a racist attack came to light the national attention first response was perturbed doubt.  Townhall’s Guy Benson says,

The idea of a young, black, gay man being targeted on account of his identity was, obviously, extremely disturbing.  But there were pieces of the story that seemed far-fetched, right out of the gate.  The ostensible “MAGA country” taunting felt a little too on the nose.  And how would these supposed roving, violent racists have recognized someone who was bundled up in the frigid cold, in the wee hours of the morning?  As more details emerged (he was still wearing the rope when police arrived, quite sometime later?  And he strolled into his building still carrying his sandwich after the alleged assault?) the likelihood that Smollett was telling the unvarnished truth decreased significantly.  And now, thanks to some strong police work, it is now crystal clear that his story was utter garbage all along.  The new revelations render certain statements he made just last week on ABC’s Good Morning America look positively sociopathic:

The Television Show Empire has already edited out remaining scenes Smollett appears in, and he still hasn’t reported to the Chicago Police for a second interview. A new lawyer has been hired by Smollett because of the extensive troubles that lie ahead.

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