The Truth Behind President Trump And The Angel Moms Story.

Angel moms arrived in Washington DC beforehand, to schedule a get-together with President Trump, Senate Minority Leadership, and Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Senator Chuck Schumer’s office told the “Angel Moms” they are welcome to a meeting, Speaker Pelosi’s office contacted Capital police to obstruct them from visiting her; President Trump’s Whitehouse deferentially said, “they couldn’t take a meeting”.

Sources, told One American News reporter Ryan Girdusky; the command came from acting Chief Of Staff Nick Mulvaney; to canceled the convocation with the “Angel Moms”. The Whitehouse has ways to “freeze” the message from getting to President Trump. Antagonistic Whitehouse staffers; who oppose the President agenda; keep information from getting to him.

Angel Families put their heads together; in how to get the attention of the President. They would hold a press conference outside of the Whitehouse where they would condemn the bill. The Whitehouse heard of this being organized and were petrifying of President Trump finding out. focusing on the realization of how it would look; the condemnation from the conservative media would be hostile.

Mercedes Schlapp and Kelly Anne Conway talk to the families; trying to reinsure them that the President would be signing this bill, in the best interest for the families.

Ryan Girdusky notes:

“One of the more noticeably chatty members of the WH staff was Sylvia Mae Davis, Deputy White House Staff Secretary/ Deputy Assistant to the President, ironically she’s one of the most hostile people towards the MAGA movement in the WH.

He adds:

“As the Angel Families rolled near the White House, Trump called the organizer and stated he wanted to meet with them, that he had no idea, and invited them for a meeting at 9:15 AM on Friday.

Most of the Angel Families had left by that point but a few were there. But those that were there were happy to meet Trump. It was Trump’s idea to bring them in the rose garden. Trump went around, asking them how illegal aliens stole their loved ones, robbed them of memories and family members, they said after that they were happy he granted them the time but was disappointed they couldn’t change his mind on the border bill.

Ryan Girdusky was asked about Sylvia Mae Davis. He responded:

“A lot of you want to know about Sylvia Mae Davis. She’s the Deputy White House Staff Secretary/ Deputy Assistant to the President – hired by I believe Rob Porter. According to sources in the WH, she’s a major roadblock to anything reaching POTUS’ desk on immigration.

Like Porter before her she’s known for stopping papers from coming to POTUS’ desk, preventing staffers who share the President’s view on immigration from getting policy proposals to him.”

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