The Special Counsel’s “Witch Hunt” Update. No Collusion!

There is no indisputable evidence about Russia collusion against President Trump. It is self-evident that the Special Counsel has racked up convictions and charges on process crimes on associates of the President who supposedly had Russia-ties, and were lead into a perjury trap where several lied about their actions.

President Trump has consistently criticized the Special Counsels investigation; which the President labels a “witch hunt”, and vehemently denies there was “NO COLLUSION” with Russia. A federal judge placed a gag order on Roger Stone; who has pleaded not guilty to charges of lying to Congress, obstruction and witness tampering, also included his lawyers on what they can make public while his criminal case is ongoing.

U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s order restrictions for;

Stone from making comments about his pending case near the courthouse, but it does not constrain him from making other public statements about the case.

The Special Counsel office filed court papers divulging that President Trump former campaign manager Paul Manafort could be looking at least 19 years in prison on tax and bank fraud charges.

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff is getting nervous that the findings of the Special Counsel might not back up his unfounded accusation about President Trump.

When CNN’s Dana Bash interviewed Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), chair of the House Intelligence Committee, on Sunday’s edition of State of the Union, pressing the congressman about whether he’d accept Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s findings if they did not uncover any wrongdoing by President Trump.

Schiff was vague at first, stating that while his committee “will certainly be very interested to learn what” Mueller finds, “there may be, for example, evidence of collusion or conspiracy that is clear and convincing, but not proof beyond a reasonable doubt,” as is needed for a criminal conviction.

When Bash restated the question, however, Schiff was a little more direct, arguing that if he was sure that Mueller’s investigation was not subject to tampering, he would, indeed, accept the findings. “I have great confidence in the special counsel,” he said. “And if the special counsel represents that he has investigated, and not been interfered with, then I will believe that he is operating in good faith.”

Note Schiff denounces The Senate Intelligence Committee’s bipartisan decision that there is no evidence of Russian collusion.

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