President Trump Doing Everything Other Presidents Should Have Done.

President Trump Was a repudiation of President Obama‘s policies. Until January 2016; the progressive worthwhile standings of President Obama were dreary; then he knew what’s what. Obama though to himself; the less I am seen, the less I am heard, and the more popular I could be.

President Obama became disconnected. Visited the golf courses; while letting the Republican, and Democrat primaries distract attention; while he looked calm and quiet. Remember President Obama was the only President that never; in eight years seen through more than 2% in growth. That resulted in millions of people becoming poverty-stricken.

Look at the lead from behind foreign policy; the withdrawal from Iraq which created a vacuum for the creation of ISIS, the Iran Nuclear deal that cost us billions in cash, the bombing of Libya, the red line in Syria; that he left in a mess, the reset failure with Russia, and he allowed China to build a Military base in the Spratly Islands.

President Obama doubled the debt to 20 trillion dollars and left a no-win situation with zero interest rates that left us in a stagnated economy.

President Trump knew the Democrats looked at middle America, farmers, and blue collar workers as the losers of globalism. Then came this Manhattan billionaire real estate developer; who walks into a political den; that played by The Marquess of Queensberry rules; the best of the best the Republicans had to offer, and plowed right through them.

With issues like a trade is not fair; with a mantra, if our trade policy is so good why doesn’t Germany China, and other countries adapt to it. Why are we paying full price for NATO and other countries that are doing well are not paying their fair share. It was a powerful argument.

On immigration; President Trump would say, why is it great and morally ethical if you break the law by illegally entering the United States and reside in it. Others are waiting in line and doing the right thing. How is that fair; when criminals would illegally enter the country and the President would be challenged; on what level of crime should illegals be barred from entering the country. The President would say, no one should be commenting a crime.

I don’t think there is one Republican candidate that was on the primary stage that would’ve moved the Embassy to Jerusalem, would have got us out of the Paris climate accord, dealt with North Korea as President Trump has, opened up and on the tax cuts, took on China on trade; boxed Canada out of Government contracts with their products on a buy American first executive order, and build the wall.

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