Leader McConnell Challenger Has been Carefully Chosen By Chuck Schumer

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the veteran Republican is getting ready for a reelection battle. His counterpart Chuck Schumer has chosen Lt. Colonel Amy McGrath a former Marine fighter pilot to Oppose the Majority Leader in the 2020 election. If true, the battle will make the situation strained worse between Schumer and McConnell. 

McConnell’s team is on a fact-finding mission assembling information to investigate McGrath. A pro-McConnell super PAC will meet and begin organize a possible push back against McGrath.

McGarth ran an inferiority campaign for Congress in 2018 against Andy Barr. Leader McConnell’s team is looking into McGarth as well as opposition research that includes past statements, positions and years of video footage. 

The Republican leader has also tapped a 2020 campaign manager: Kevin Golden, a veteran party operative who worked on McConnell’s 2014 reelection bid and oversaw Tennessee Republican Marsha Blackburn’s successful 2018 Senate campaign.

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