President Trump Wins Border Wall Case in Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

The Trump administration on Monday in a ruling from The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit that approved construction of a model wall along the United States Southern border and repairs existing barriers.

The 2-1 decision against environmental groups, and the State of California; the Ninth Circuit confirmed a compelling judgement by United States District Judge Gonzalo Curiel which single-minded; that the Department of Homeland Security, was correct when they strived to defer from environmental laws in order “to expedite construction” of three separate barriers near two cities.

Especially the ruling unequivocally allows the Department of Homeland Security to begin:

(1) “construction and evaluation of wall ‘prototypes’ in San Diego County;”

(2) the “replacement of fourteen miles of primary fencing and fourteen miles of secondary fencing in San Diego County;”

(3) the “the replacement of primary fencing along a three-mile segment of the border near the City of Calexico.”

The decision authored by Judge M. Margaret McKeown notes:

The [DHS] Secretary authorized the San Diego and Calexico Projects because the existing barriers in those areas were built in the 1990s using a fence design “that is no longer optimal for Border Patrol operations.” According to DHS, the new construction erects stronger and taller barriers. The Calexico Project will replace “[t]he existing fourteen foot, landing mat-style fencing . . . with an eighteen to the twenty-five-foot barrier that employs a more operationally effective design.” Similarly, the San Diego Project “will replace existing primary fencing” with a “new primary barrier” that “use[s] an operationally effective design.” These are “additional physical barriers.”

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