President Trump Says, We Are Bringing ISIS A “100 Percent” Crushing Defeat.

“The United States military, our coalition partners and the Syrian Democratic forces have liberated virtually all of the territory previously held by ISIS in Syria and Iraq,” President Trump said before the Ministers of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS.

President Trump made it clear that this wasn’t an “official announcement.”

President Trump added:

“It should be formally announced sometime probably next week that we will have 100 percent of the caliphate,”, But I want to wait for the official word. I don’t want to say too early.”

According to POLITICO, “the caliphate continues to hold territory in Afghanistan, Libya, the Sinai, and West Africa.”

President Trump made the claim during a meeting with coalition partners on Wednesday, where he maintained his promise to withdraw American troops from Syria.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had to prevail on the alliance that America exiting the Military’s involvement from engaging ISIS in Syria.

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