President Trump Optimistic About Summit, While Keeping An Eye On China.

Secretary Of State, Mike Pompeo told Fox Businesses Maria Bartiromo;

I think there’s every opportunity that Chairman Kim will move on to for-fill the commitments that he made and that and will intern for-full the commitments being made towards stability on the peninsula.”

We are leveraging on another summit with North Korea, and unless they already made a major concessions with the letter exchange from the Chairman’s personal envoy that came to the White House to meet with the President; I believe that President Trump and Secretary Of State, Mike Pompeo believe that; the stalemate right now can result in a breakthrough at the summit.

China recognized that things were getting out of control. Reining North Korea in, and Supporting Kim towards some kind of negotiation, but The President is skeptical about the Chinese endorsing removal of all nuclear weapons.

When you’re talking to North Korea, you are also talking to China. When there is a meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong-un; China is consistently in contact with the Chairman. Rumor has it he’s already visited with President Xi Jinping.

China does not want the peninsula to be in solidarity. Once the nuclear weapons are gone, The Korean Demilitarized Zone will disappear, a peace treaty would be signed, and the war would be ended.

Economic growth and exchanges between North Korea with South Korea acting like one. This is something President Xi doesn’t want; a United States ally at their border.

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