What Don’t Economists Understand President Trump’s America First Agenda.

The American Economy is booming, and the transparent global economy is wearisome. As President Trump stated, “We are no longer the worlds piggybank”.

A vigorous jobs report showed in January that America’s corporations are; for now, dismissing the rank and file of economic risk, and are employing at a rapid pace. The danger that prompt distress in the midst of economists about a possible “looming recession”, have little worries on employers.

In China, the second largest world’s economy; has been experiencing slow growth. Crippled by a recession in Italy and the future for a disorderly Brexit. Europe is definitely feeling the pinch.

The one-sided reporting of a trade war between the United States, and China; higher United States mortgage rates, devised by the Federal Reserve, remain to be seen.

United States Businesses added 304,000 jobs in January; showing the economy is in good health with employment for almost a year. The strong jobs report forecasted the United States factory boom grew last month “that contrasts evidence of retarding economic forward pacing in China and Europe, ”.

Economists have been consistently wrong about President Trump economic policy. The American who was once oppressed under President Obama’s administration of found that President Trump actually had that “magic wand” or an America First Agenda.

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