Brian Koflage “We Build The Wall” Organization Update.

Formerly unwilling landowners; disapproved the proposal years ago of a border fence going through their real estate; now applaud it; as President Trump is sending several thousand troops to the Southern Border.

Explaining their plan before local landowners this week, Brian Koflage; the Patriot on the back of the aspiring campaign of the December 2018 GoFundMe Fund; to build the wall on the Southern Border with donation from Patriotic Americans; that now has turned into a non-profit

Since the group lead by Koflage cannot impose “eminent domain” to take over the land they have launched a diplomatic approach. The vice-president of Koflage’s “We Build The Wall” organization, Dustin Stockton says, “We talked to several people who weren’t interested in having a wall five or six years ago who have since changed their mind based on what they’re seeing happening on their land,” .

It’s not going to be easy The fund did not reach its goal of $1 billion the decision was made not to the funds to the government. 53 percent of the contributors to the fund agreed to use the money to employee construction workers and bulldozers, 43 percent yet to make their decision.

Koflage said, gothe vernment would not be able to accept the donations “any time soon” and that the non-profit would be, “better equipped… to use the donated funds to build an actual wall on the southern border.”

Koflage’ “WeBuildtheWall” has elevated its organization with the likes of from very prominent people. Curt Schilling, who said that, “he was an “early donor” to the project,”, Brandon Darby Of Breitbart and former Kansas Secretary of State an advisory board members of Koflage’s organization Kris Kobach.

Kobach spoke for President Trump saying the President fully embraces the project. New York Times reported Kobach said,

“I talked with the president, and the ‘We Build the Wall Effort’ came up. The president said ‘the project has my blessing, and you can tell the media that,”

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