Speaker Pelosi Deliberately Forcing President Trump’s Hand

Why does the battle over the border will continue? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi; adamantly denouncing she will fund a wall on our Southern Border under any conditions.

President Trump vows to construct a border barrier or wall; on the Southern Border. It seems President Trump is left with one option. Proclaim a National Emergency, and order a wall to be built on the Southern Border.

Thoroughgoing as that may sound; resolving power gives President Trump Constitutional ability under, Congresses National Emergencies Act Of 1976. This happens all the time and encounters to draw no ones attention.

It was, therefore; for all intents and purposes; anything that President Trump deems necessary; as in declaring the State Of Emergency; are repeated yearly and as usual.

Congress can obstruct with a 2/3 vote so it’s a very comprehensive law, and it’s been put into practice a lot. In 1979 President Jimmy Carter kept the property from Iran from coming into the United States. That emergency is still ongoing.

Since the United States Presidents have declared 50 emergencies, 31 of them are still ongoing right now.

The average state of emergencies have lasted 9 1/2 years

In 2001 President W Bush declared a national emergency that gave The White House great authority to command the United States Military and authorize the National Guard against terroristic actions. That action has been intact for the last 18 years.

For 10 years there was an emergency to tamp down the swine flu. President Trump has already proclaimed 3 National Emergencies. One was to punish social media from influencing national elections, the legitimacy Nicaraguan President Manuel Noriega, and anyone who undermines the sovereignty of Lebanon, Speaker Pelosi believes protecting our own sovereignty is immoral.

The United States has 30 million illegal residents inside our country. They violated our borders; ignoring the rule of law that solidifies a national emergency.

Only President Trump can address this issue with his constitutional authority of an executive order; effectively commanding the Secretary Of The Army; the mission to secure the border.

The Secretary has 30 days to use all efforts that he deems necessary. President Trump would then write up the rules of engagement that provides the Military with funds to secure the border.

While the Secretary is tasked with that mission; the United States Army Corps of Engineers can start to construct barriers. Now when illegals try to cross the border they can be stopped, biometrical tag sent back, and made to understand if you return; you will face prison time for violating our laws.

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